Mirror Mirror on the wall….

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the finest pub shed of all?

When designing and building your own home bar, there are many finishing touches that you can add to give your space a certain je ne sais quoi.

Whether it’s a personalised sign with the name of your pub shed or a last orders bell to kick out the riff-raff at the end of the night, these quirky additions can make the difference between a bog-standard shed and a true home bar.

One addition that both ourselves and our customers love is the pub mirror.

Having a custom bar mirror in your pub shed is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does it give you the opportunity to brand your home bar even further, but it’s great for your more vain guests to spruce themselves back up before jumping in a taxi at two in the morning.

And let’s not forget those blurry, post-midnight mirror selfies that you belatedly share to social media while you’re nursing your hangover the next morning…

Barsigns.UK offers a range of personalised pub mirrors that are highly-reflective and feature fully-custom designs that are engraved by a high-precision laser for a sharp, eye-catching finish.

Our custom bar mirrors are perfect for displaying the name of your bar, its opening date and a motto for your guests to see while enjoying a pint or two. Why fit a regular mirror when you can double them up as a pub sign?

Our line-up of unique, made-to-order pub mirrors are lightweight for easy mounting in your home bar and shatterproof, so no worrying when Uncle Tommy staggers into it after throwing back three pints of Guinness in quick succession!

Having an engraved bar mirror in your pub shed lends that extra touch of class to the interior and really ties the space together – especially for those with a more modern-looking home bar.

Or put it behind your bar so you can still keep an eye on your pesky patrons and make sure that they’re not getting up to any mischief while your back is turned!

A custom bar mirror can also guarantee that your pub shed is unique compared to those from your friends and family, because let’s face it, who wants to have the exact same home bar as everyone else?

We can alter the designs and text engraved on your personalised pub mirror to suit your exact needs and requirements to give you a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order gift for your man cave or she shed.

No matter what kind of personalised pub mirror and engraving you’re looking for, get in touch with Barsigns.UK today and we will create a truly custom piece for you and your home bar!

Make sure to also browse our range of personalised bar signs for the exterior of your pub shed, as these work in tandem with your interior mirrors to show off the theme of your home bar and keep a consistent feel throughout.

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