Buying British - The Art of Sublimation

The Art of Sublimation

Here at BarSigns.uk we are always looking and researching at ways to improve our products and processes.  In this age of technology digital printing has never been more advanced and efficient than before.

Our Printers

We utilise sublimation printing via our state of the art Epsom printers for a number of different factors but the main driving force is cost.  Where as, with other suppliers, you pay for their chosen expensive solutions (don’t forget their prices factors in their equipment and running costs) we keep our costs lower to enable us to pass that saving onto you the customer.

Buy British

It is not only about the physical equipment we use that makes us special.  The ink that we use in our workshop is specifically created for use with Epsom Printers.  What’s more it is a British Quality made product (not some cheap import we have seen in use for some UV printers).

Metal is a superb medium for sublimating, it’s easy to press, and gives fantastic high quality results.  We only purchase ours from British Suppliers ensuring a superb result and again keeping our prices lower for our customers.

But what is sublimation printing?

We have heard it said that sublimation printing is a “home based” process but this could never be more untrue.  Sublimation printing (we will get to the what is that shortly) has been widely used and engrained in industrial practise for many years.  The garment industry where one of the first major adopters where before they relied upon screen printing technologies sublimation quickly took over due to its ability with vivid colour and high quality reproductions. 

 “Sublimation is defined as “a phase transition of a substance from a solid state to a gas while bypassing the intermediate liquid phase.” In the case of dye sublimation printing onto rigid substrates, the disperse dye inks are printed onto a coated medium, which is most often a “transfer paper,” but also can be a “transfer film.” Once printed, these water-insoluble dyes then dry and turn solid as the water solution evaporates. Heat (typically 400°F), pressure and time turn these solid dyes into gas which, upon release from the transfer paper or film, then penetrates the plastic or polyester coating. In addition to dyeing the plastic or rigid substrate, the sublimation process transforms the dull colors that were originally printed on the transfer paper into incredibly vibrant hues.”  Ref

So in simple terms when we use sublimation on our products we are not printing on them we are actually making the image into part of the metal.  Unlike other technologies such as UV printing where the image is simply applied to the surface and adhesion can still be an issue ie lifting or durability.

      Bar sign

Our Product and Design

This is what makes our signs so special.  The range of colour and the eye catching vivid colours make them a superb addition to any home bar.  We use both in house and external designers to bring you the largest range of signs across the UK and with truly competitive pricing

From both our extensive catalogue and our range of fully bespoke designs we can deliver you excellence.

  Hanging bar sign  The Stumble Inn hanging personalised bar sign

This is why we mantra “Your Sign Your way”


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