Design your Own sign - Two Fat Blokes

Here at BarSigns UK we take pride in all things about signs.  From our range of adaptable personalised signs to our fully bespoke service
But what about you and your sign?  Lets have a look at some options or ideas on designing your sign personalised just for you

There is plenty of information out there from video to simply logo sites.  You could visit these sites and even create a full design from scratch though many of these apply a watermark to stop this but even so it can get an idea for your final design.  We can also develop something from this with our unique bespoke service.

Lets start with the Bar name.

For this example we are going to imagine this Bar is for Two Fat Men.  These guys are just Two Fat Blokes who love all things Booze related.  Perhaps they are a bit slobish possible like pizza as well!  It is a true bloke domain.  Well the barsign name is quite clear – Two Fat Blokes! 

Now what about colour?  Black is always a favourite but here are BarSigns UK any colour is available.

The shape can change the appearance of any sign, the favourite is always Rectangle but we also supply square barsigns, circle bar signs and shield shapes (with more to come in the future).  In this example though we will use rectangle with black and gold.  We also have to look at where this shed sign will be mounted.  Perhaps its a sign for sheds

Perhaps you want to add an established year or even a tag line?  For the two fat blokes we will use the tag line of BarSign Emporium so suggest a range of drinks available.

So for this example personalised sign we are going to create a rectangle shaped sign, with black and gold.  We will add the tag line or barsign emporium and its final position will be hanging on the shed.

For the imagery we have found a couple of open source clips arts perfect for this tyoe of work.  We like working with cartoon type images but we also do many photo style personalised pub signs especially hanging bar signs.

Well we think that the 2 fat guys sign is pretty unique.  Why not have a look at our other metal signs, have a go at designing one yourself or even ask us.

Dont forget its your sign done your way.


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