Dixie’s – The Tiki Bar of Tropical Dreams

Say Aloha to Dixie’s – The Tiki Bar of Tropical Dreams

‘Club Tropicana Drinks Are Free, Fun and laughter – there’s enough for everyone.’

Over the past year or so, for us, like many; the idea of sitting next to a tropical bar on a summer’s day listening to the lilting sound of Calypso music, whilst sipping a Sex on the Beach cocktail seemed nothing but a distant dream. That is, until we decided to create a backyard beach getaway of our own in our back garden.

We began looking online on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and decided on a quick and easy-to-build backyard tiki bar that would guarantee to bring the Hawaiian feel to our outdoor gatherings. We sourced our materials and created a simple wooden 6x4 structure with a removable hatch; and with the help of our family handy man, got to work on putting it together.

Once constructed, it was safe to say that the simple wooden design looked a bit bare and definitely lacked the beach-shack, summer vibes we were aiming for. For us, Tiki Bars are all about kitsch decor so we got to work and slowly began to transform our garden bar into an island-inspired paradise complete with various knickknacks such as seashells, neon lighting and Polynesian glassware.

Of course, no Tiki Bar is complete without a welcoming sign and our personalised wooden Tiki Bar sign from Bar Signs UK definitely helped to bring our own version of Club Tropicana to life. The high-quality sign helped to give our bar the Tiki aesthetic and definitely added the finishing touch we were missing. Bar Signs UK were so accommodating and helped us to create a customised sign which was super easy to attach to the top of our bar. The craftmanship and detail that went into the overall design and production was fantastic, everything was thought through even down to the pre-drilled holes and the caps to cover the screws making the sign look perfect once displayed. The sign has rope detailing and was personalised with our bar name ‘Dixie’s.’

Bar Signs UK were the go-to place for all our Tiki Bar needs. We love the personalised touch so we opted for customized wipeable beer mats, non-slip, washable and fade resistant runners for the ‘Dixie’s’ bar area – ideal for those tipsy drinkers after one too many Pina Coladas. We also added a personalised Bluetooth Speaker which packs a punch and a customised engraved acrylic LED/ Neon Colour Changing Light and Clock complete with remote control to adjust the colour, brightness and motion that states that ‘It’s ‘5 O Clock Somewhere!’ (a true sentiment in our book!).

Post lockdown parties have never looked so good! This exotic escape in the back garden is the perfect retreat to help us forget all of our worries, and maybe even the recommended maximum units of alcohol per day! The Home Tiki Bar is the perfect spot to sip colourful cocktails. And as Wham sing, ‘All that’s missing is the sea!’

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