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Hoping on the Home Bar Trend

Home bars are no longer just limited to the fictional world of Hollywood movies or the mansions of the wealthy. They have become a staple feature for many seeking to entertain guests at home and indulge in some adult libations while doing so.

Raising the bar

Many homeowners, particularly older adults, are opting to equip their homes with bars. Having a bar at home adds a level of opulence and luxury to the space. The added comfort of having a room made especially for entertaining guests while having a few drinks only increases the value of the home and makes for an invaluable experience.

With home bars, people are not just looking for a place to have a few cocktails; it is about having a space that encompasses entertainment and fun. Companies specializing in installing home bars have seen the evolution of the humble home bar. In the past, home bars used to be primarily reserved for men, thus having very masculine and salon-inspired aesthetics. Nowadays, home bars are the one area where homeowners can truly express their style. They are made to be relaxed, appealing, and inviting spaces. Home bars now range from minimalistic designs with chrome finishes to over-the-top designs like having colorful mural walls.

Why home bars are here to stay

Home bars can cost up to £100,000 or even more depending upon the amenities and accessories one wishes to install; modern home bars are not simply a table with a few stools and a rack of alcoholic beverages. It is about creating an atmosphere.

Home bars have always been popular, particularly during the Prohibition Era. With COVID-19 as bars and pubs were forced to close their doors to patrons, home bars served the all-important function of letting people unwind and relax while sipping on a drink of their choice. Home bars are going nowhere and becoming even more popular due to their sheer convenience.


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