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Jazz it up with Porky's - The iconic Porky's hanging bar sign


Any great bar needs an excellent hanging bar sign to stand out and attract a crowd. Neon signs, in particular, are perfect since not only are they visible during the day but indeed come alive at night when the bar timings begin.

Porky's Nightclub Hanging Sign

There is nothing more suitable for a hanging bar sign than the Porky's nightclub sign of the fictional strip club from the cult classic movie of the same name. Porky's defines a generation and is a comedy favorite among people of all ages. The sign provides a cheeky reference to the movie and draws in people by showcasing a character taken as an inside joke. It arouses nostalgia and brings about fond memories of good times. The Porky nightclub sign is instantly recognizable for most bar patrons since it is an iconic movie.

Get your hands on this piece now!

You can get the best bar signs from Bar Signs and Gifts. The hanging sign is sturdily made with aluminum material. The sign comes in three different sizes; the standard measures 20 cm by 15 cm, the extensive measures around 28 cm by 20 cm, and the extra-large measures 35 cm by 28 cm. the neon sign is well-made and weather-resistant bear the elements well. The sign has a double-sided display, so it can be viewed from either side when hung outside a bar.

The hanging sign comes with hanging bracket metal chains and cable ties for easy and secure installation. The neon display is eye-catching, has a glossy finish, and depicts the iconic Porky's logo and the anthropomorphized pigs from the movie.


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