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The Art Of Quaffing In Your Own Bar

Gone are the days when drinking would be limited to downing a few shots in a row. Now, bars and drinkers have decided to take it up a   notch with the art of quaffing. Unique in its name, the act of quaffing requires you to get your feet, stay ready and wait for the drink to come to you or slide to you! (Literally!)

Quaffing, the Life of the Party

Positioned at the end of the counter of your home bar or shed bar, quaffing with the literal meaning being "drinking heavily!" you get to stay in position as a mug filled to the brimmed are slid to you, and you get to chug them down as quickly as you can!

Spruce up the Place with Some Singing, Dancing, and Quaffing!

Quaffing is now being heavily adopted in home bars and shed bar all over because of the liveliness and cheer it brings to a bar. With the drinkers singing, chanting, and chugging, the art of quaffing can change any bar's atmosphere and give it eternal energy!

Extra Points for the Legs!

Yep, you read that right! When playing quaffing, if the drinker manages to catch the mug full of beer right between their legs or manages to spin it 360 degrees, they get to have extra points in the competition! With all the people buzzed up and clumsy, this can be quite harder than you'd think!

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