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The Charm of Peaky Blinders and the Infamous Garrison Pub

While pubs, town halls, and architecture add charm to any media, the Garrison did that and a lot more for the theme of Peaky Blinders. This three-story pub, with its wooden decks and chairs along with years-old liquor and the antique Garrison pub sign, was the escape from the poverty and gloom that embraced The Shelby’s neighborhood.

Antique yet Charming Garrison Pub Sign

There were various elements incorporated in the show throughout that added to the charm of the location, among which a major player was the garrison bar sign placed on the outside. Located right in the corner of Witton Street and Garrison Lane, this place with its Garrison pub sign went through tons from being the backstage for organized crime to even getting blown as a part of Tommy’s plan well-thought-out plan.

While it is true that the place was portrayed as a simple spot for the rich and the poor alike, it is said that in 2013 the Garrison was put up for auction and was sold off at a rate that was easy £20,000 above its sale price.

Get Your Shelby Styled Garrison Signage!

Are you as much of a dedicated Shelby fan as us? The theme of the Victorian-styled pub can be easily recreated in your neighborhood by getting the same signage. Or perhaps, you would like to keep the signage as a tribute? Head over here to get your hands on the Garrison bar sign in its complete glory with the Shelby’s on front.


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