The Rise and Rise of the Home Bar

Over the past few years, an increase in the price of a night out in the UK and the desire to avoid the heavy crowds of city centres has led to the rise of the home bar.

Let’s face it, after a long hard day at work, why spend the time getting ready and travelling into town for overpriced drinks and a taxi back when you can enjoy all the luxuries of a bar from the comfort of your own home?

Having a home bar is the interior design trend that shows no signs of slowing down in the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

With the feeling that we have less and less hours to spend at home, that time has become a lot more valuable. So if you want to spend more time at home, while still being able to kick back and relax with a drink in your hand or entertain some guests, a home bar is the perfect solution.

A home bar is also a great chance to show off your creativity and demonstrate your personal aesthetics to friends and family. Whether it’s a personalised bar sign welcoming in your patrons for the evening or one of those fancy globe-shaped mini bars that you’ve seen in the movies, having a home bar allows you to really express yourself in a fun way.

The customisable outdoor bar sign is one of the most popular accessories for a home bar in the UK, as we’ve all had those moments where we’ve thought up our own pub name (the Pork Scratch Inn, anyone?). This is your chance to see it hanging up in all its glory!

As everyone wants their home bar to feel as unique as possible, the ability to personalise your own pub signs is a huge bonus for those looking to bring their favourite watering hole to their property.

Perhaps a wooden home pub deserves a matching wooden bar sign? Or maybe mix up the colours and textures with your own custom metal sign to welcome your guests? You can also bring a little exotic flair to your home bar with a tiki totem pole-style bar sign! Can someone say “aloha”?

No matter what style of personalised bar signs you’re looking for, make sure to browse our range at Barsigns.UK and find one that is right for you and your home bar!

Once you’ve sorted your outdoor welcome sign, the next step is to focus on how you want the interior of your home bar to look.

Some opt for a laid back approach to their home bars, with minimal furnishings and a muted colour scheme, while others push the boat out with brighter, eye-popping hues, touches of leather here and there, and a big flat screen TV on the wall for the football.

Customisable bar signs don’t have to be just for the outside either, as they can make a great, personalised decoration inside your home bar (especially those that double as mirrors – two birds with one stone).

To put it simply, there are no right and wrong ways to decorate your home bar – just go with what you like and what you’d be happy looking at with something alcoholic in your hand!

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