Best Pub Shed Sign Ideas for Your Home Bar

Although the pandemic ground many aspects of life to a halt over the last couple of years, one silver lining that emerged from the various lockdowns (and planted itself firmly at the bottom of your garden) was the pub shed.

The rise of the home bar was astounding, with the Mid Sussex Times reporting that Brits spent £2.2 billion building their own pub sheds since lockdown began.

One great part of having your own home bar is adding a sign with your wittiest pub name, and let’s face it, we’ve all thought about it after a few drinks with friends!

While the most popular pub names in the UK are quite reserved, such as The Red Lion, The Crown, The Royal Oak, The White Hart, or the Plough, we wanted to take a look at some of the funnier (or strangest) examples. Plus, we’ll throw some of our own in the mix to give you some more outlandish ideas for your own personalised bar signs!

Up first in the wacky world of pub signs is The Bucket of Blood in Hayle, Cornwall. Supposedly the name of the establishment refers to an incident that took place 200 years ago when the landlord went to draw water from the local well, but drew up a blood-filled bucket instead. A mutilated corpse was then found at the foot of the well… yeesh. Maybe one for all you horror enthusiasts?

London is a great source of crazy bar names, including The Pyrotechnists Arms (built on the site of a former fireworks factory), Dirty Dicks (no, not for that reason – it’s named after a man called Richard who refused to clean anything, including himself, after his wife died), and the children’s book-sounding, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

On the subject of felines, a trip to Kent would bring you face to face with the charming boozer, The Cat & Custard Pot Inn. Claimed to be Kent’s highest pub, supposedly the free house was originally called The Cat & Mustard Pot but the sign maker made a mistake and left us with this gem instead.

One particular pub name you may want to steal for yourself is Devon’s The Nobody Inn, which takes its name from the unfortunate moment during a former landlord’s wake when his coffin was brought back to an empty pub. Awkward…

For those facial hair enthusiasts out there, we also highly recommend the Lincolnshire-based My Father’s Moustache. They don’t mention the origin of their name on their pages, but if we had to guess, we’d presume their dad wasn’t clean shaven…

Away from actual brick and mortar pubs, it’s a lot of fun choosing your own home bar name, so here’s 10 of own ideas to get the ball rolling!

  1. The Pork Scratch Inn (we will push this one ‘til the day we die!)
  2. Wipe Your Feet Before You Come Inn (perhaps too long but gets the job done… ba-dum-tsh!)
  3. The Stumble Inn (old but gold)
  4. The Dog House (you know what you did…)
  5. Don’t Butt Inn (for those with friends/family that have FOMO)
  6. The Drama Club (good gin, great gossip)
  7. The Gym (“Where are you going tonight?” “Just the gym...”)
  8. Love Shack (15 miles to the…)
  9. Bar Bar Black Sheep (the sign’s picture speaks for itself)
  10. The Office (“Can’t come out this weekend, I’m stuck in the office!”)

Whether you’re looking for a personalised sign for your pub shed or even tiki bar, make sure to browse our range of products at Barsigns UK or get in touch for a customised gift!

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